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revolutionize your
buildings with data.

Data is not automatically managed. Lacking an established data strategy prevents you from unleashing your data's full potential.

Data Strategy

Data Integration

Asset Inventory Management

Data Analytics & Visualization


empower building managers
to increase value.

Maxen provides services and consulting options tailored to your needs.

Discover an approach that will add value to your buildings. Let us take you on a journey.


We can’t start a journey without planning it first.

Translating your vision into a data strategy is a key factor in enabling your business. Maxen can support, optimize and manage your strategy to reach your goals.

Here, we transform your ambitions in concrete actions for your data journey.

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Data governance & policies

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Security & compliance

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Technology & data architecture roadmap


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Review business objectives

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Review plans and equipment

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Review data requirements VS available data assets

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Review data governance, security and compliance

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Recommend optimizations

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Continuous improvement and strategic planning

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Optimize your management processes

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Enrich & label your data

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Improve traceability & be audit ready

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Integrate & standardize data


Integrating non-contextualized data and files from siloed systems is challenging.

With Maxen, you'll be able to improve your integration & standardization processes.


Maintaining an accurate, up-to-date equipment inventory can be a difficult task.

From the moment you own a vehicle, you accumulate data that allows you to determine which maintenance should be performed.

It’s the same principle for your building's assets.

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Process support

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Inventory Accuracy

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Increase confidence in your data

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Data consistency

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a cartonned building surrounded by type of building maintenances and important informations, systems performance, audits, inspections, asset health, asset life cycle, operational expenses, operational forecast, ownership history, service records, maintenance history, assets issues


Need to transform and articulate your data into KPIs and dashboards?
Our data analysts and scientists will make your data speak.


We deliver customized analysis based on available data assets and business requirements.

Examples :
• Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) and Coefficient of performance (COP)
• Operational anomalies
• Simultaneous heating/cooling
• Equipment cycling and usage statistics
• Energy consumption by category (heating, cooling, ventilation, lights)
• Equipment health-grading


We build effective reports and dashboards that tell a story about your data, tailored to your targeted audience - executives, managers and technicians.

Executive Dashboarding
• Data-driven reporting with KPIs
• Review financial & operational reports (status, alerts, maintenance)

Predictive Maintenance
• Cycles and anomaly detection
• Health-grading system

OPEX Forecasting
• Prediction of assets energy consumption (costs)
• Breakdown of cost by zones and equipment

HVAC Efficiency Optimization
• Identification of peak energy demand
• Leverage your data to optimize your control rules.

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Actionable insights


Customizable reports to consult business performance

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Accurate operations forecasting

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Prioritize operations and avoid costly downtime

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Optimize energy efficiency and reduce costs


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