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Exploit Your Data. Not the planet.

Our mission is to reduce the environmental footprint of buildings by allowing managers to increase their operations’ efficiency and optimize their processes.

The MAXEN technologies make this data usable and allow a gradual transition from a reactive management to a predictive management in real time.

Energy is one of the most significant costs of a building. It has a direct impact on the asset's value. There is currently a worldwide growth of energy efficient buildings' value and a depreciation of outdated buildings.

HVAC systems, energy consumption, users’ behaviours, inside and outside temperatures, pressure, humidity, weather, climate change; the databases available to managers include a large amount of key information with high potential for energy efficiency. The correlation of raw data is too complex to allow a quick and informed decision-making.

Uncover the true potential of
artificial intelligence.
Uncover the true
potential of artificial

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Knowledge management

  • Centralized knowledge
  • Information shareability
  • Segregation per business unit
  • Enrich your information
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Document management

  • Media gallery
  • Annotation & tags
  • Document viewer
  • Optimized research
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Asset management

  • Asset inventory
  • Create and visualize relationships
  • Dedicated classification system
  • Tracking & notes


Maxen provides tailored services that aim at empowering your AI, Smart Building and IoT use cases to increase the value you get from your data.

Data Strategy

Data Integration

Assets Inventory Management

Data Analysis & Predictive Analytics


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